amandioka (amandioka) wrote in amandiokart,

Twilight FanArt

Hey, long time no see.

Maybe you don't know, but I was in the U.S. for the last couple of months; I had a lot of fun there, but it's time to be back and put life back to normal. I was able to buy some art materials there, and they inspired me to draw again... I hope to keep drawing a lot and improving as well, because I really need it. Anyways, here are some old (the group picture) and new (as in, I drew after I came back) Twilight FanArt. By the way, I was able to watch the movie on my last day in San Diego... the theatre had 30 people at the most, maybe because it was 10:30am, but it was cool... Now the movie is coming out on December 19th here in Brazil and I already have 2 friends who are eager to go to the movies and watch it with me. Yay for spreading the Twilight love in RL.

Forever Young
by *amandioka on deviantART

Yet another Bella
by *amandioka on deviantART

In Your Dreams
by *amandioka on deviantART
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