September 3rd, 2012

becoming jane

*wipes off dust*

Hello everyone!

I've recently bought a few more copic markers and they inspired me to draw some more. I'm glad, I really missed drawing and I don't know why I haven't been drawing like before.

These days I've been missing the Harry Potter fandom, particularly the H/Hr corner. It's such a pity that not much remains from the old days... I found some H/Hr fics that I'm going to start reading (even though I should be writing my final essay for university).

And talking about fanfics... My friend avidbeader started posting her "The Perils of Innocence" on a couple of places. Here's the link to her AO3:

Since I've been enjoying reading her fic, I decided to illustrate it.

Collapse )

Hope you like it! :)