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Bella and Edward - Twilight FanArt - rated G

Hello everyone, how are you?

As promised, here's the first of the Twilight FanArts... others to come soon (... as soon as I finish inking and colouring them, that is... :P)

I'm slowly getting back to drawing more fanarts, so I hope I'll improve my colouring and drawing skills (specially colouring!). I know I have a lot to improve... I think I'm going to try different things and post them here, hopefully you'll tell me if I'm going the right way or not.

I'm not very talkative today, so I'll just let you see the drawing... let me know how you like it ;) Or if I should stop drawing altogether...

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becoming jane

News at last?

I thought I'd be a nice girl and let you know I have lots of drawings in progress right now. 5 Twilight series fanarts and 2 HP fanart :) As you can see, Eclipse ate my brain and, apparently, seduced my muse.

I'm planning a second read of both Eclipse and Deathly Hallows, so I hope to post some illustrations of said books.

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I'll try to finish the lineart for these pics soon, so I can get started on the colouring (the only that is half coloured is Liss's drawing)... I don't know how long it'll take, but keep your eyes open ;)

Stay safe!

And she brings... what? Harry/Hermione AGAIN?

I missed drawing so I forced myself to sit and draw something, and it came out like this. I didn't intend to draw anything specifically, but I guess the muse wanted H/Hr. And the muse wanted H/Hr while listening to You're still the one by Shania Twain. Hee ^^

Hope you'll like it. Please leave your comments and thought, they're all much appreciated! <33

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What Harry didn't see... - H/Hr - G

My first H/Hr fanart in a while...

This was inspired by a Little Mermaid's (Disney) song, Kiss the Girl. This is the scene in which Harry finally realizes what's been in front of him all the time and the his feelings... a popular scene in H/Hr fics, heh. Hopefully, we'll have some variation of this scene in the book, though I hope not too cheesy. To tell you the truth... I trust more in fandom writers than in JKR to write romance, seriously.

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Edward/Bella - Twilight/New Moon - G

Second time I'm trying to post this. Well, here it goes again:

I'm just here to say that my computer broke (again!) and I may be missing for a week of so. Plus, univesity is being a pain and is keeping me really busy. But I promise I won't forget you guys ;)

Thanks for all the comments on my previous post. Really appreciated :)

Hope you like this one too. Sorry HP-fandom-only folks.. this one is for Twilight fans. I've to get back to drawing some HP fanart again... I've some ideas, but they depend on how much time off I'll get

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And she shows her face again... and brings art!

Hi everyone. I'm sorry for the long hiatus... long story; but now I'm back, and with art! But first, I want to thank everyone who kept me on their friends list even though this community had been abandoned for such a long time.

Are there any Twilight/New Moon fans in this community? I read the books and loved them (Deathly Hallows what? Gimme Eclipse! :P heh... at least my ship isn't doomed or delusional according to other fans and its own author).

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...and because even though I'm disappointed in the series and its author, I can't help but still love the first 5 books and its characters:

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Thanks for sticking with me! Hope you like the drawings... comment all you like!
See you soon...
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ContraVeritas Fanart Contest and some pics...

Hi all!

Came here today to let you all know I submitted a D/Hr picture to the Contra Veritas's Valentine's Day Contest. You can see all the arts here, and if you think my pic is good enough, vote for me, please? ;)

And I also wanted to post some art :)

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Hope you all liked the pics ^_^ Stay safe, and see you soon. Hopefully. :)
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May I present...

...the Art Bunnies selected!

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Now, I'd like to know to whom each of these bunnies belong. Please, let me know so I can properly give credit and dedicate the drawing to you.

I don't know how long I'll take to finish these, but I'll post as soon as they're ready. I'm studying a lot ( I need to take a university entrance exam and pass, hopefully), so it may take a while. But they'll get here, I promise.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated!
If you didn't get to participate, you can still write you bunny. After I finish these 5 bunnies, I may want to draw some more :)

Stay tunned. ;)
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A Game! - Give Amandioka An Art Bunny

Does anyone have any idea why Photobucket decided to delete only my D/Hr smut pics?? *is puzzled* Why not the H/Hr and R/G too? Weirdo.

I have at least 4 pics ready to post, which I'll do later, but in this post I want to do something else.

It's a game called Give Amandioka An Art Bunny. To play is very easy:

1. Post anonymously. (and only once, please!)
2. Give me:
* Two (or three) Harry Potter Characters
* A Feeling
* An Action
* An Object
3. You can also include if you want:
* A Place
* Weather or Season
* A song to set the mood

And that's it. Next step: I will choose 5 comments, the ones which I like and give me an art bunny. I will leave this open for comment until SUNDAY, and then I will choose. If a lot of people comment, I may choose 5 more comments to illustrate, it all depends on the muse.

Hope you'll enjoy the game. I know I will enjoy illustrating :D

BTW... if you want the separate drawings of the Hogwarts Girls, they're here: Hermione, Luna, Hannah and Pansy.
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